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SyncMaster-P Time Evaluation System

SyncMaster-P time evaluation system performs comprehensive tests and evaluates the time function and performance of the master and slave clocks, and time service equipment in power system as well. Based on Measurement Studio and TestStand platforms, it interconnects satellite simulator, multi-channel time tester, intelligent power supply MMS protocol converter and equipment under test through Ethernet networks. According to the relevant test profiles and cases, it can complete the automation test and evaluation of timing synchronization and performance. On one hand, it simplifies the setup of test environment and improves the test efficiency and reliability which saves the test cost. On the other hand, it reduces the errors that are caused by human factor in the test process, and ensures the objectivity of results. lt is applicable to the test, verification and evaluation of time synchronization and performance of master clock, slave clock and time service equipment during the network access checking, model-selection of bulk procurement and R&D in power system.