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SyncMaster-P Time Evaluation System

Product Highlights

1、Complied with test profiles of State Grid

2、Automation test with multi-point control, test results can be sent back automatically

3、Multi-channels simultaneous testing available

4、Multiple test items can be grouped and tested together

5、Simple test environment setup, high test efficiency and stability

  • Main Functions

    • Meet the test profiles of Q/GDW 11202.5—2018 of State Grid

    • Automatically test the functions and performance of master-slave clocks, as well as the timing synchronous management function of time serviced equipment

    • Support test ports:1PPS, Power IRIG-B(DC/AC), Serial Time Message, NTP, PTP

    • Automatically test the whole group of timing synchronous system with double master clocks networking or master-slave clocks networking

    • Test items can be grouped and tested flexibly, and it generates the test sequence to test automatically

    • Load the test items and templates automatically in accordance with selected profiles

  • Technical Specifications

    Timing synchronization system tester
    GNSS Receiver
    Clock Source
    Built-in Rubidium Oscillator or External Reference
    Time Measurement Interface
    1PPS, xPPS, 1PPS+TOD,  IRIG-B(AC), IRIG-B(DC), Serial Time Message, NTP/SNTP, PTP
    Time Output Interface
    1PPS, xPPS, 1PPS+TOD,  IRIG-B(AC), IRIG-B(DC), Serial Time Message, NTP/SNTP, PTP
    Standards Supported

    ITU-T G.811, G812, G.813, G.823, G.8261, G.8262, G.8265, G.8266、G.8265.1, G.8271, G.8271.1, G.8272, G.8272.1, G.8273、G.8273.2, G.8275.1, G.8275.2, C37.238, IEEE1588V2, O.171, O.172, GJB2991A, DL/T 1100.1

    Communication Ports
    4×USB, 10/100BASE-T Ethernet
    Platform & System
    x86 CPU,CPU:2.7/3.7GHz;128GB inner memory
    Power Supply
    AC 90~264V 
    13.3”TFT,Capacitance touchscreen
    Main Frame
    CPU E-2200 Series/ 3.5GHz; 8G internal memory; 1TB(SATA) Hard Disk;23.8’Display
    Network Switch
    24 Ports;Rate 1000Mbps(Electrical)
    Satellite Simulator
    Frequency Spots
    GPS:L1 C/A、L1C、L1P;L2C、L2P;L5I、L5Q
    Satellite Signal Divider
    One to eight GNSS Satellite Signal Divider(1 channel input, 8 channels output)
    MMS Protocol Converter
    From DL61850 to 104;Main and standby Ethernet Ports
    Intelligent Power Supply

    Input Voltage:176~254VAC /12A / 50~60 Hz

    Current Output: 2 Channels/ Phoenix Ends/220VDC/ 3A

    One Way 10/100M Ethernet Port, to manage and control the power supply remotely

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