Legal Declaration

Legal Declaration

Legal Declaration regarding Fake Products in Name of XGTime sold on Alibaba/Taobao/Made-in-China

To our honorable customers,

Recently we found that some traders are posting our products information for sale on some B2B platforms like Alibaba, Taobao, Made-in-China without getting any official authorization from us. They may put low price to attract customers and make deals without quality or after-sales services guarantee. Such behaviors and activities have done great harm to our reputation and caused loss to all possible customers. To protect the interest of our honorable customers, we sincerely request to look though the following statement seriously before purchasing our products.

1. We do not authorize any one or any company to distribute our products through B2B platforms or other E-commercial platforms. So we will not take any responsibility if there is any quality issue occurred hereby; and we shall not take any responsibility to provide any support or after-sales services to the products from non-authorization channels either.  

2. To purchase our products, please contact us directly or from our authorized agents. Our contact details are as follows.

    Tel: 0086-755-2671 1015


3. We sincerely thank our customers for all the trust and support as always. But remember, all our products information will be posted on our website and that is the only official website platform.

By XGTime Technology Co., Ltd.