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Time OAM Automatic Test(Standard by China Mobile)


Communication modes such as TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE, CDMA2000, LTE-A, and MBMS need to synchronize base station air interfaces before working properly. IEEE1588 V2,  the mainstream high precision timing and synchronization protocol, illustrates that synchronization information can be terrestrially transmitted to solve the potential security problems of GPS signals which are difficult to be obtained in application scenarios like in the subway.

OAM synchronization is a useful and necessary function in the operation and maintenance of time synchronized network. In order to validate the OAM function of synchronous devices, we can simulate the fault situation of multiple synchronous OAM functions with the standard technology from China Mobile, and automatically associate the output and input signals to complete the loop automation test. In this case itt simulates the faults very fast and also easily, and improves the test efficiency significantly.

We provide solutions to test time synchronous degrading output, source selection of different time interfaces, leap-second processing function, frequency synchronization and time synchronization association mechanism.

Test Diagram


Time OAM Automatic Test