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Synchronization Measurement on Ethernet Switches


Ethernet Switches are widely used in the Internet as the core devices of Ethernet network. In recent years, PTP and SyncE technologies are applied more and more in the Ethernet switches. Many manufacturers at home and abroad launched a series of such devices with synchronization functions for the industries such as telecom, electricity and railways. Therefore, how to verify the synchronous performance of multiple ports in such devices effectively becomes a difficult task that the manufacturers have to face. The synchronization performance measurement of Ethernet Switches includes time synchronization and frequency synchronization verification.

 For different scenario, networking structure and clock modes, the test items, content, and requirements are quite different. In the manufacturing section of Ethernet Switches it needs to verify PTP synchronization consistency of multiple ports, and to concern on how to improve the inspection efficiency. 

We provide synchronization performance test solution for Ethernet Switches. 

Test Diagram


Fig 1 PTP Measurement on Multiple Ports of Ethernet Switch


Fig 2 SyncE Measurement on Multiple Ports of Ethernet Switch


Fig 3 Joint-Debugging Measurement in Networks with multiple Ethernet Switches