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Multi-Channel Time/Frequency Measurement in Joint-Debugging Section


The devices in IP Carrier Network mainly include PTN, OTN, IP RAN, which are covering applications in backbone layer, convergence layer and access layer. To meet the requirement of different operations in IP carrier network, the telecom manufacturers has successively launched a series of products like PTN, OTN, IP RAN and relevant time/frequency synchronization test solutions. It has effectively promoted the market development for IP carrier network devices. 

In the verification phase of synchronization performance of IP carrier network devices, it often needs to set up appropriate networking environment to check the time/frequency synchronization performance of different nodes. In the past, users always performed single channel measurement with instrument and it can test only one node at a time. So it took very long time and huge cost to test when there were many channels. In addition, before putting the products into the market, the manufacturers need to simulate the networking in engineering field on basis of the networking scheme and perform joint-debugging verification test. The joint-debugging test for synchronization performance of IP carrier network devices such as PTN, IP RAN and OTN access devices can be taken as reference.

SyncOne –M has 8xFREQ card, 8xTIME card, and 4xHPS card as options. Maximum 4 different cards can be inserted in the instrument to test at a time. The users can choose and combine different cards based on their needs to test multiple channels or any combination of time and frequency signals at the same time. Besides, SyncOne-M can output time and frequency signals in accordance with the ports in the cards to simplify the environment setup of networking and improve the test efficiency. 

Test Diagram


Fig 1 Joint-Debugging Measurement on IP Carrier Network Devices


Fig 2 Joint-Debugging Measurement on PON