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Multi-channel Time/Frequency Measurement in Manufacturing Sector


The packet network synchronous system is composed of time/frequency synchronous devices and packet transport devices/access devices, etc.  In the manufacturing and joint-debugging sections of such devices, it needs to check the synchronization consistency. At the same time it needs to improve the test efficiency and lower the cost as well, especially in the manufacturing process of time/frequency synchronization devices, which have hundreds of thousands of time port and, frequency ports to be verified. In the past, one instrument can test one channel at a time, while for multiple channels it takes very long time and heavy cost. In such cases, the manufacturers have to take sample tests instead. However, without 100% inspection, it would bring potential quality hazards for the out-going devices. 

SyncOne-M provides multi-channel and multiple combinations of time and frequency measurements with up to 32 channels at the same time. It is widely used in time/frequency synchronization devices such as SSU/TSG/SASE/BITS/SDU, PRTC, PTP GM, Time Server; and in IP carrier network devices such as PTN, OTN, IPRAN; and in PON devices such as OLT, ONU; and in large-scale production test of Ethernet Switches. Compared to traditional manual testing with one channel at a time, it can perform multi-channel tests automatically at the same time. Therefore, it improves the test efficiency significantly, shortens the production period and lowers the cost. 

Test Diagram


Fig 1Multi-Channel PTP/NTP, SyncE Measurements


Fig 2 Multi-Channel/Multi-Combination of Frequency Simultaneous Measurements


Fig 3 Multi-Channel/Multi-Combination of Time Simultaneous Measurements

Fig 4 Multi-Channel/Multi-Combination of Time and Frequency Simultaneous Measurements