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Time/Frequency Measurement on 5G Base Station Devices


In 5G network, the requirement for performance improves dramatically. At the same time, it puts forward more and more precision in time/frequency synchronization. TDD modulation is us in 5G base station. In addition to traditional mobile services, it probably has applications in other fields. In some special services, it requires very high precision of time synchronization, possibly up to several hundred nanoseconds, or even dozens of seconds. For example, in EPC network of 5G it uses base station to provide location services with around dozens of nanoseconds for time synchronization. The key technology of LTE-Advanced, known as Coordinated Multiple Points Joint Processing (CoMP-JP), requires the relative time accuracy within 100 nanoseconds between adjacent base stations. Therefore, performance tests of time/frequency synchronization on 5G base station devices are carried out in the R&D and production, middle-phase, network access selection, engineering opening and acceptance, and daily maintenance process. We provide time and clock synchronization performance test solution of 5G base station devices.

Test Diagram


Fig 1 Tme/Frequency Measurement on 5G Base Station Devices

Fig 2Time/Frequency Measurement on Present 5G Base Station