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Time/Frequency Measurement on PON


With the popularization of 4G network in recent years, wireless services have experienced explosive growth. Compared to huge cost that PTN and IP RAN access solutions take, the multi-service convergence capability of GPON has great advantage and can also perform backhaul of base station. It is expected to become the dominant mode in small base station backhaul in future. The requirement of constructing backhaul network with PON technology in base station becomes a trend as such technology is widely used today. In such case, mobile communication system raises high precision requirement of time and frequency synchronization to meet the roaming and switching of mobile services. Therefore, PON devices should support time synchronization of high precision and stable frequency performance in order to meet the requirements of constructing backhaul network in base station. 

Our instrument provides time/frequency synchronization test solutions for PON system. 

Test Diagram

Fig 1 Time/Frequency Measurement on PON Access System(OLT, ONU)