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Time Measurement on ePRTC


In 5G networks, the time synchronization requires high precision and low latency. To meet the requirement of new access technology and network security against GNSS vulnerabilities, it needs to improve the performance of present phase and time. ITU-T released the new profile of Enhanced Primary Reference Clocks, also called G.8272.1, in November, 2016. The performance level and reliability recommended in the new profile has laid foundation for the time, phase and frequency synchronization of networks in the coming years. 

The time output of ePRTC requires high accuracy better than 30 ns (relative to UTC), while the time accuracy of single satellite in traditional GNSS (GPS, BDS, GALILEO, GLONASS) is ±50~±100ns. So it is impossible to measure the accuracy less than 30 ns, especially in the field circumstances. It will be a problem that we have to face when taking measurement and evaluation of ePRTC time accuracy. 

Based on satellite common-view technology, our SyncCV can perform remote time comparison with time measurement accuracy better than 5ns (relative UTC). It provides a test solution for time synchronization performance of ePRTC.

Test Diagram


Fig1 Time Measurement on ePRTC